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Han-Dow colors by Holographic-Neku Han-Dow colors by Holographic-Neku
k we got a wall of txt ahead! read at ur own risk!

Name: Han-Dow

Race: Garo
Age: 27 (when died) Its been a couple hundred years since he came back alive.

Personality: Han-Dow was, and still is a very kind person; he obviously does not come off this way because he kills anyone who threatens him or anyone he cares about. He is a stubborn and very picky person, a bit of a worrier when it comes to his actions around friends/loved ones. Because of his eyes he has a habit of running into things and does not like the day because it hurts his eyes. Has a large violent streak that runs a mile long; also has blood lust issues because of the curse from the Stone Tower that affected him and changed him into one of the undead. Totally innocent in certian ways (>.>)

His childhood: Ikana was prosperous and was lush and green with the river flowing through it, people thrived, both Termanians and Garo alike lived together and worked together for a brighter future. The king was kind and loved his people; he loved his personal guard, the Garo. Han-Dow’s father was a brave man and stood as captain of the Ikana Assassins. When the birth of his son was announced the squad cheered for their leader; even the king asked to see the babe. When the babe was brought to Han-Dows father the news of the child’s blindness struck everyone in the palace very hard; they believed the boy would never be able to take on his fathers place as the leader of the Assassins. This was proven very wrong when Han-Dow turned eight years old. An invader entered the castle in the dead of night; not knowing that the Garo’s element was the night. But they were else were that evening and young Han-Dow wandered the halls alone. The man, a Termanian that had been sent as an Assassin found the child; believing him fully blind attacked him in attempt to kill the young Garo; Han-Dow surprised the trespasser with a rebelling attack on him, breaking his arm; then Han-Dow proceeded to scream alerting the troupe the intruder was quickly silenced, and this began the search for the reason why a outside Termanian had entered the valley; with an attempt to kill their king. The king began to search for a wife a couple of years later he found a Termanian maiden by the name of Cora, he wooed her and brought into the castle as his bride, the attempt at his life had been all but forgotten, Han-Dow was growing into a fine Assassin being taught by his father and his fathers men; he grew up with many other Garo, training along side them. The night missions were easy for him; Han-dow’s father had learned that his son had an ability to sense heat from around him, he let his son out on more missions, hoping one day he would become a fine guard. Later, during a small mission outside the valley Han-Dow came into contact with another Termanian who attacked him, frightened the child locked eyes with his assailant; paralyzing the man where he stood; Han-Dow killed him took his possessions; a letter, a contract for their kings death. Shocked that the Termanians would do such a thing the young man brought the parchment to his father. Who showed it to the king; who spoke about it to his wife, she deemed it to be nothing, and he shoved the matter a side. Han-Dows father began to grow worried that the king was relying on his queen to much. The valley began to have a drought, and fear began to rage through the valley; but the king remained locked up with his queen in the castle. Han-Dow watched as his home was waning way into nothing.

The War(Han-Dows death and rebirth):
Unknowing to many of the average people in Ikana; dark rituals were being preformed behind closed doors, rituals that were supposed to bring power to those who summoned it. The King had heard of the Termanian’s plans to attack his valley and had called upon his wizards to extract the power from a grave that had been buried under a great crumbling tower, Han-Dow and the royal Assassins were present as the sorcerers brought the power back to life, it roared in torment lashing out striking down many people; the King called for the wizards to bring the power to heel. But they were unable to tame it into their bodies, taking a wooden mask the cast the power into it sealing it and dubbing the mask cursed. The great power had brought a curse upon the inhabitants of the valley and the king nor the others present at the summoning were aware of how grave the situation for them was at the time. Another year passed for Han-Dow and he was twenty-seven, capable of leaving on his own; but he stayed in Ikana, the place of his birth, the drought had ended leaving the town prosperous once again and the Garo even had a woman he was wooing at the time; it was peaceful, and he grew used to not being used as an Assassin. But as summer came a great tragedy came with it; a rock fall in the spring were the Ikanains water source flowed from became plugged, and by searching the rubble Han-Dow and his companions found this to be no accident; only a week later was the valley swamped in battle. The Termanians from the lush green valley below the mountain had come to attack Ikana; the Garo were sent out in the front lines. They were slaughtered by the anger in the Termanians; the entire town was destroyed. The king was impaled and the queen… she was regarded as a hero, during the fight Han-Dow had been wounded, bleeding out he collapsed dying on the ground next to his father. He stroked his father’s hair whispering the lullaby he had been taught by his mother as he guided his father into oblivion. A dark energy emitted from the heart of the valley and Han-Dow watched as the invaders of their valley took the dark mask away from its safe keeping. He cursed, now knowing what had caused the attack in the first place. He leaned his head back, in the distance he saw an erect monument, a tower made of stone; the place were they had sealed the horrible energy in its mask. Han-Dow’s eyes were growing heavy as the blood seeped from the gash on his chest. All that breathed in the valley was he, and all the heart beat in that dead place was his. Watching, the Garo noticed that the blood of the fallen was being drunken up by the ground, the green grass turning into brown dirt, the sky fading into a darkness that allowed Han-Dow to see a great blanket of power covering the place he had once called home, as death beckoned him he closed his eyes; only to be drug back by the screaming of souls in pain. Han-Dow awoke to the noises of the undead, he sat up; surprised his body was not rotting or invisible as a poe. Glancing around he saw ghosts; moaning walking around. Scrambling to were the bridge once was built securely to the side of the valley; Han-Dow found it crumbled. He stepped back from the edge; to come face to face with his father; a faceless being under a Garo’s Master’s robe. “Run my son.” He spoke slowly his voice cracking and ripping. “You have life yet to live; go.” Han-Dow was pushed off the edge of the valley to go live out a life he never knew he had; he had died right? Wandering across Termania Han-Dow did realize he had passed; but for some reason the curse that affected the others had not entirely contaminated him; as the sun rose on the following day Han-Dow found his eyes even more sensitive to light than he had been when he was alive; taking bandages from his pack he wrapped his eyes, and went on with his new life.
Wandering (in Hyrule): Some how Han-Dow found himself in Hyrule where the term “Garo” was not all that well known, he took this chance to try to find a place to fit in. But as he learned through his wandering, the curse had taken its toll on him, giving him a blood lust and temper that was very volatile. He had to stay away from many cities and such. Also he noticed he was drawn to chaotic and sometimes evil powers.
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