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HBT Round One- Crazy Shinies by Holographic-Neku HBT Round One- Crazy Shinies by Holographic-Neku
They had sent her out to find glowing seeds. Mydia frowned at the grass that sprawled out before her as she thought about this. Seeds. Glowing. Shiny. Objects. Her, a Twili that loved glowing things. Mydia let out a semi crazy laugh. This was going to be to easy! She would get this done in only a couple of hours! No need to worry about being the last one to come in with the object.
-Three hours later-
No luck. Mydia stared down at the grass as she hovered above it; she saw no blue glowing seeds. In her claw a little Minish sat: they had been talking, well more like plotting, on how to prank the lightdwellers. Mydia smiled as she set the little girl down. "Thank you for spending time with me." Killing time was what this little Minish was good for. As she waved and toddled off Mydia smiled. There was only two people in this tournament she liked; the little girl Minish, and a Gerudo who tackled her the first day. That Gerudo was fun, Mydia liked her. Turning back to her task she crossed her arms over her breasts, placing her leg over her knee. This was quite a challenge indeed. Thee seeds were so small that not even one who dwelt in the dark; where the people themselves glowed, could find them. A grumble came from her lips; this was getting very irritating. Even as the shuffle of the other contestants echoed around her, Mydia couldnt focus, it was to quiet. Mydia liked the hustle of the city. Not this strange feild where there were no people exept well.. lightdwellers that would irritate her.
Mydia was irritated enough as is.
-2 more hours later-
Twilight; Mydia was staring at the fadding sunlight; feeling the night creep and sooth her skin. Her runes began to glow with the dark blue sky encasing the light of the day. She still hadn't had any luck finding those blasted seeds. Turning around she caught glance of one of the other lightdwellers that surrounded her. A lad with black hair, a blue earring and some strange blue shawl that had odd markings on them. She frowned at him; he blinked, and returned to his search. Mydia stared at the ground again; there was a faint blue glow from inbetween the green blades of grass. Could it be? Mydia shot her claw out, snatching the glowing object from its resting place. A huge grin cracked on her face; it was the seed. A laugh broke from her lips; it was glowing! It was beautiful!
And Mydia wished she could keep it.

Holy snap im done. Yep, crayons were harmed in the making of this entry. GIMP died on me so only the first half is digital. XD oh i hate that. but i adore the second half of this entry; Mydia looks so crazy!
She makes me happy :3

Mydia :icon777hologramloz:
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